The Double Impact Platform is a business training and relationship development organization providing sound, comprehensive, Bible-based, training and mentoring programs to support entrepreneurial couples who are in business together – Copreneurs.

About Double Impact

There has been a phenomenal rate of growth in the number of married couples who have chosen the co-entrepreneurial lifestyle. Whereas most couples struggles daily to juggle the balls of work, family and self; the Copreneurship space presents a more complicated landscape, given the intricate nature of the marriage relationship as is then intertwined with the demands of a business relationship.
This is particularly true in these times when the enemy is attacking our homes, and many homes are experiencing various degrees of turbulence. Irrespective of whether they undertook this lifestyle willingly, or were forced into it due to adverse economic realities such as the loss of a job, Copreneurs daily contend with juggling the same sets of ball, but in addition contend with providing effective support to each other in their business, while doing their best to maintain the vibrancy and romance in their own personal relationships.

Truth be told, a widely held view is that working with your spouse is an almost guaranteed recipe for disaster, marital challenges, business and personal frustrations, and enterprise mediocrity. At the Double Impact Platform, we believe that while many negative examples abound, a much larger reality is that are several highly successful entrepreneurial couples who own, manage and are growing great business ventures together;all the while maintaining happy, well-balanced homes and families. Our commitment is to ensure that Copreneurs in our community do not end up as part of the negative statistics, but rather as enviable examples of Copreneurs who are successfully doing exploits in their families and businesses, to the glory of God.

At the Double Impact Platform, we believe God is the Source and Foundation of all we are or could ever be in any area of our lives – personally and professionally.

We believe God is the source of every gift, talent and ability that every man or woman possesses. We believe every aspect of our lives is to be applied towards establishing God purpose and Kingdom here on earth. Programs on the Double Impact Platform are therefore designed to deliver the fundamentals for effective marketplace ministry. Using tested business and relational tools, strategies and resources – based on principles from the Word of God, we teach Copreneurs how to honor God in and through their business:

How to have a vibrant marriage and successful business relationship;
How to build thriving enterprises and position them to grow into tomorrow’s business empires and;
Ultimately how to achieve maximum impact and build great legacies by purposing their God-given entrepreneurial gifting’s in accordance with God’s will.
Whereas different individuals and organizations around the world continue to speak to the challenges associated with attaining work/life balance, hardly anyone or group is speaking to the peculiarity of the challenges that being married to your business partner can present.The Double Impact Platform caters to the needs of those of us who are privileged to have the pleasure of working for ourselves, and with ourselves. We are positioned to solve the difficulty Copreneurs have in finding other couples who can relate to their particular kinds of challenges or triumphs. We provide Copreneurs with ‘safe space’ and a forum for easy access to members of their unique Tribe, helping them maneuver successfully through the unique challenges of working with a spouse, create effective boundaries between their work and marriages, and literally ‘exhale’ as they gain from the shared experiences and wisdom of other couples in business together.

We invite you to connect with other like-minded Copreneurs on through the Double Impact Platform.

Come…… learn, share, and grow!


To re-establish the mountains of family and business for the Kingdom of God
– one Couple and one Business at a time!


To build a global community of Kingdom-minded Copreneurs who will:

  • Consistently honor God in their marriages, families, and in the marketplace
  • Faithfully steward their lives, work & relationships in accordance with Biblical principles
  • Build great and lasting entrepreneurial and family legacies; and in so doing
  • Re-affirm God’s dominion and glory upon the earth


To help Copreneurs achieve and live a fulfilled life together

Establish the fundamentals for having a thriving business and a thriving marriage
Understand the commonalities that underlie successful work and family relationships
Tools for maneuvering successfully through the unique challenges of working with a spouse.

To help Copreneurs unravel the problems that cause conflict

Teaching them to create boundaries between work and home, love and business.
Improving essential communication skills & solidifying individual roles in the biz & family
Equip tackle difficult business situations as a team.

To establish a unique breed of Kingdompreneur

Encourage Christian entrepreneurship & business excellence among Copreneurs
Empower Copreneurs create substantial wealth through business & entrepreneurship
To inspire Copreneurs to see their wealth as a tool to do God’s work and promote the agenda of Jesus Christ

To create a framework for Copreneurs to compare and contrast differing personal and professional perspectives, and be able to translate these into specific interventions to suit their unique challenges

To equip Copreneurs with the right tools to build excellent legacies


Audrey Joe-Ezigbo is a serial entrepreneur with over twenty (20) years’ experience. She co-founded Falcon Corporation Limited with her husband in 1994 and till date serves as Executive Director, Commercial Operations with principal accountabilities in the areas of Finance, Business Development and Commercial Strategy. She is also the Managing Director and principal strategist of Falcongaz Limited – a company she co-founded with her husband in 2002.

Audrey is a United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Week ‘Women Entrepreneurship Day’ Ambassador for Nigeria, and winner – along with her husband and business partner Joe, of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year West Africa Award 2014. She holds several Master’s degrees and executive certifications in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, and Leadership. She sits on the Boards of several corporations, and has served for several years on the Executive Council of the Nigerian Gas Association- the umbrella association and voice for businesses and professionals involved in the Nigerian gas industry, where she is now the 1st Vice President.

A beloved daughter of God and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Audrey’s personal mission is to add value to the lives of everyone she meets in a tangible and sustainable manner. She exudes an unbridled passion for helping men and women find and fulfill their God-given potentials and fully live out their destinies. Audrey describes herself as a woman ‘Anointed for Impact’ and is committed to ‘Dying Empty’, living daily by the conviction that her life is a Kingdom assignment designed to deliver glory to God.

Audrey gives of herself in service to society and humanity as a partner and sponsor to various NGO’s focused on improving the lot of widows, orphaned and vulnerable children. She is a member of the International Women’s Society (IWS) where she served on the Executive Committee as the Programs Secretary until November 2013, receiving an award for exemplary service during her tenure. She is also an active member of and has served in various capacities within Women in Management, Business & Public Service (WIMBIZ).

An encourager by nature, Audrey is particularly passionate about building up early-stage and growth-phase entrepreneurs and therefore gives of her time freely in service as a Mentor on the formal mentoring programs of WIMBIZ; Apostles in the Market Place (AiMP); and on the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YouWiN) Women’s Enterprise Development & Mentoring program.

Audrey is an international Speaker, Facilitator and training Resource for several notable learning and entrepreneurial development institutions; churches; seminars and workshops within and outside of the country. A prolific writer and author, she has four published books to her credit: “Uniquely Woman”, “Uniquely Woman 2”, “Ruach”- a book of poems and “Double Impact -How to live and work with your spouse in peace, harmony and professional excellence”. She writes the Parenting page of Today’s Woman (TW) magazine, a leading Nigerian lifestyle magazine. She also runs an inspirational, self-development, faith-based blog for women – Uniquely Woman ( which is designed to guide women towards a deeper understanding of self, clarity and intentionality of purpose, and the living out of more fulfilled lives.

She is married to her husband, business partner and best friend Joe. The couple is blessed with four exceptional children.